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Before we designed Semi-D Plain, the idea to produce an exclusive shawls appeared in my mind like a bulb. Plupp! Oh I got this idea! I told to my sisters I want to do this and she’s agree. We find the materials at the supplier and we got these 3 colors which are Amethyst, Floral White and Scarlet Peach for Rose Edition and Jazzberry Pink, Warm Beige and Cool Aqua for Tulip Edition. That’s why the shape of these six colors is rectangle/basic shape.

Then, we think what can make this shawl exclusive? So we got an idea to embroidered the shawl and produce Rose and Tulip Edition. Each shawl consists of different type of embroidered thread colors which is make each one is exclusive in its own way. To secure the exclusivity again, we put Swarovski Crystals around embroidered design ; Rose and Tulip.

Later, when you wear this embroidered shawl, remember “GEGT” means “Good Eyes have a Good Taste”.

 Material : Chiffon Crepe
 Length : 2.0m.
 Opacity : 80% opaque (can use for Prayer).
Product care : Machine Washable (wash using laundry net bag).

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