Gift LE in Sarah

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  • Made from high-quality satin silk
  • Elegant, classy and high-end design
  • Released in 4 colours
  • Size 114cm x 114cm
  • Breathable and tolerable on a bad day
  • Soft, cool, and comfortable
  • Minimal iron needed
  • Anti-deaf

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This collection is inspired by a gift my best friend gave me while she was on a work trip to Turkey. She presented me with an antique hand-painted antique glass mirror, embellished with beautiful colours, and very unique design. What struck me was that she remembered me even though we were miles apart.

And I started to realize that friendship doesn’t always have to be in the eyes, but it is enough to remember each other and stay in touch. Let me introduce to you one by one. We’ve been friends since university until now.

Meet Sarah. She is a brave, resolute and passionate girl. Due to its bold appearance, it is able to lift up people’s emotions by just looking at it. If you have a bad day, you should meet with Sarah so she can brighten up your day.

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